Leigh Montagna furious over Brereton sledge

Leigh Montagna
13 Jun, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Saints veteran Leigh Montagna is furious after Dermott Brereton suggested that he doesn’t like to get the contested ball.

Dermie’s “Cheap Shot” at Leigh Montagna

Brereton made the sneaky quip in an article in the Herald Sun.

In his column the former Hawk wrote:

“There’s a joke around the league that the hardest contested ball Montagna will fight for is against a teammate to take the kick-in after a behind.”


Leigh Montagna did not see the funny side of the joke and contacted Brereton for an explanation about the article.

Joey’s Response

Montagna described the comment as a “cheap shot” on Triple M.

“Yeah, that did (sting), that last comment,” he told Triple M’s Sunday Rub.

For what its worth Brereton was a bloody courageous player and his heroics in the 1989 Grand Final will never be forgotten.

For that reason when Brereton makes comments regarding a player’s toughness, courage, and effort, most people tend to pay attention. But to be fair he was also a bit of a sniper from time to time. Just ask Rayden Tallis.

St Kilda Coach Not Amused

St Kilda coach Alan Richardson tee’d off at Brereton over his criticism of Montagna.

“I thought it was incredibly disrespectful,” Richardson said on Fox Footy’s AFL 360.


“Joey’s been such an outstanding performer for a very long time … when that [criticism] comes from someone like Dermott … I thought it was really poor.”

“The club had a bad game, you could pick out many players who didn’t perform well but I thought it was pretty poor form by Dermott.”

by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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