A Few Legends in the World of Soccer

A Few Legends in the World of Soccer
19 Feb, 2020 by Beyond The Game TV

With more than 2 billion fans around the world, Soccer is by far the most popular sports globally. Each day, tones of TV channels and streaming services broadcast live games so that the fans can enjoy their daily dose of soccer. It’s a win-win situation. Fans get to watch their favorite sport, while the broadcasters make money off of it. Apart from being the most-watched sport, soccer is also the sport with the highest number of bets. Billions of betting slips are being printed daily, and millions of people end up on the winning side of a slip.

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The game has even infiltrated other areas like the casino industry, most notably the online casinos. Since they know how popular soccer is on a global scale, they decided to make soccer-themed games as a way to attract new players to their sites. The games are awesome and you have the chance to see your favorite team. If you want to check those games out, feel free to signup at this site and do your best to win a reward.

In this article, we decided to give you a small trip down memory lane and reveal some of the most legendary names that ever step foot on the pitch. They made the game look so easy and all of them were known for obliterating other teams and players and became the idols of different generations.


Considered by many as the best-ever, Pele was a Brazilian magician and the first player to make the game look like it’s the easiest.

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He scored over a thousand goals in his career and is regarded as the best goalscorer of all time. Pele spent his career playing for just two teams, Santos and New York Cosmos. He made his debut in 1956 and retired in 1977.


One of the biggest debates in the world of soccer is the debate between Pele and Maradona. Many people consider Maradona as the better player but we can never be sure because Maradona rose to fame in the same period when Pele retired.

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He had similar characteristics – great ball control, tremendous dribbling abilities, and a fantastic goalscorer. Nevertheless, both of them were the best players in their generation.

Sir Bobby Charlton

Manchester United’s biggest soccer legend is also among the greatest players to grace us with his presence.

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At the time, he was the most capped player for the England national team and was knighted by the Queen in 1994.

Cristiano Ronaldo / Lionel Messi

The modern era’s biggest rivalry. Say what you want about Ronaldo and Messi, but one thing is sure – we are blessed to live in the same period and watch both of these players as they crush every known record.

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This debate will never end because it is impossible to determine which player is better. Both Ronaldo and Messi are fantastic and unbelievably talented players.

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