Junior cricket rule changes

Junior cricket rule changes
01 Dec, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Proposed junior cricket rule changes could see dismissals and ‘the duck’ banned completely at some levels.

Junior cricket rule changes

That’s right, kids won’t be able to go out. No golden ducks and potentially no tantrums.

Instead Level 1 junior cricketers will all face a minimum of seventeen balls before they’re sent back to the sheds.

Junior cricket rule changes

I must admit I was fairly flabbergasted when I heard this story.

Under the reported new Cricket Australia policy, youngsters would be unable to be dismissed by the opposition until they’d made at least one run, in a bid to keep kids “engaged and participating”.

The “no going out” rule will only apply to stage 1 of the proposed new junior pathway.

Junior cricket rule changes

As kids get older and move through the system they will be introduced to the concept of “going out”. (In stages 2 and 3)

I understand the idea of giving everybody a go but I feel that the golden duck and taking a wicket is such a huge part of cricket.

I went out for a duck plenty of times as a kid and threw hundreds of tantrums. As recently as a few years ago to be honest. But that’s just part of the game. To take that away seems odd and changes the nature of the game completely.

What about junior bowlers? These rules rob them of the chance of getting a batsman out and the great feeling of taking a wicket.

Junior cricket rule changes

I have seen these kind of rules in indoor cricket but that’s mainly due to the limited time and space that is available to play the game.

You can’t help but think that whinging parents may have had something to do with this decision.

Merv not impressed with junior cricket rule changes

Former fast bowler Merv Hughes is not impressed with the proposed changes.

“You are teaching kids that it’s okay to get out,” Hughes told 3AW.

“I reckon that’s ridiculous.”

Junior cricket rule changes

“I think we have to teach bowlers that it’s hard work and not limit the amount of bowling they do in junior cricket.”

“You have to teach kids that they must work hard.”

“If kids can’t go out for a duck they’ll just swing at everything from the first ball.”

“To me that’s ridiculous.”

“You have to teach kids from a young age to put a price on their wicket.”

by Mike Lynch – contributor

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