Journo Tells Port Fans To Support Crows

06 Sep, 2016 by Mike Lynch

Yes in case you are wondering our headline is not a typo.

Journalist Katrina Stokes has called for Port Adelaide fans to do the unthinkable…..

She wants them to support their mortal enemy the Crows during this year’s finals series.

It is an interesting call, especially coming from someone who herself supports the Power.

In her column in The Advertiser Stokes wrote:

“Dear Port supporters,

I have a small favour to ask of you for just one weekend – set your allegiances aside and get behind the Crows on Saturday.

This is coming from someone who bleeds black, white and teal … and blue (Sturt). I love Never Tear Us Apart. I love Ken Hinkley but most of all I love the spirit of Port Adelaide.

Truth be told though, I’m not one of those Port supporters who completely hates the Crows.

But then there are the rest of us that, above all, would prefer a South Australian team to succeed above everyone else.”

Stokes does make some fair points, one being that we don’t want to see the Hawks again.

We’re with her on that one!

But it’s still hard to see many Port fans cheering for Tex Walker or Eddie Betts.

The Port Adelaide Footy Club was quick to respond to Stokes article.

"The Crows have a special place reserved in Port Adelaide hell. They are our antithesis in every way. Our opposite. Our negative. If you’ve watched Stranger Things on Netflix – they’re the 'upside down'."

"They are everything that is wrong with the world (at least in a sporting context)."

"For kids like me growing up in the nineties, our hatred for the Crows is magnified by the schoolyard torture we were subjected to around 1997 and 1998. Horror years."

Hell and horror, strong words from Port Adelaide indeed.

Port fans have also been fierce with their response.

So what do you think Port fans, are you going to show state pride and support the mortal enemy or buy yourself one of those fancy GWS orange caps for the Finals instead?

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