Jonathan Brown: Bombers are weak as @#$%

Jonathan Brown
10 Mar, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Three time Brisbane Premiership player Jonathan Brown has slammed the Essendon Football Club this morning describing them as “weak as piss”.

The comment came after Dons skipper Dyson Heppell was pulled from appearing on the Nova 100 breakfast show this morning.

Jonathan Brown’s comments

“They will be affected by it, including the fact that Dyson Heppell was supposed to be on our show this morning and has been pulled by the club last night. Which is weak as piss by the footy club because they committed. He’s the captain of the footy club. He’s a big boy. He can stand on his own two feet and he was on the Footy Show last night so it’s not something that he wasn’t asked about last night. And really, in a comfortable and safe environment like ours, what do they think? That we are going to cross examine him like it’s Four Corners? It has been an absolute mess. This would affect the players.”

Jonathan Brown

Later Jonathan Brown continued on with this comment.

“There would not have been an Essendon player over the last two or three years that hasn’t put their head on the pillow at night and thought Jesus I wish I played for another team.”

This comes off the back of explosive comments by Mick Gatto on the Footy Show last night. In an interview with Sam Newman, Gatto confirmed that he had been approached by an Essendon Football Club official to assist with sorting out the supplements saga.

Jonathan Brown

Mick Gatto’s comments

“We tried to do a deal with some members of Essendon. We tried to do a deal, he (Charter) wanted to be paid for it. For his hardship and what he’s been through, they wouldn’t hand over,” Gatto said.

Full audio of Jonathan Brown’s comments regarding Essendon can be heard below.

by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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