Jake Stringer Denies Rumours

Jake Stringer Denies
21 Jun, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Jake Stringer denies “bullshit” social media rumours. 

Vicious rumours

Western Bulldogs star Jake Stringer has taken to Instagram to rubbish vicious social media rumours of a feud happening within the Bulldogs playing group.

The rumours which were circulating online and on talkback radio were of an extremely personal nature and also involved Stringer’s family.

Stringer gets on front foot

Jake Stringer, fed up with the rumours and innuendo dealt with the gossiping head-on on his Instagram account today.

“Let’s all get one thing straight…. Abby is the best mum to my little girls and has not done one thing wrong ever.”

“Second of all Jason is a brother to me.”

“So if you wanna talk crap leave my family and mates alone go else cause it’s all bullshit! #ENDOFSTORY”

Lit Fam ?

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This is yet another example of the challenging environment modern day athletes find themselves in. Not only is their on-field performance subjected to endless scrutiny but so are their personal lives.


Only a couple of weeks ago we had the Alex Fasolo Twitter furore, now this.

Good on Jake for getting on the front foot but in reality he should never have needed to in the first place.

by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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