My Instagram Game featuring Ingrid Oliveira

Instagram Game featuring Ingrid Oliveira
28 Dec, 2017 by Ed Toussaint

In this edition of My Instagram Game featuring Ingrid Oliveira, we profile one of the most controversial Olympic divers in the world. The shittiest roommate ever – Ingrid Oliveira.

Ingrid Oliveira

Ingrid Oliveira competed in the synchronised diving final at the 2016 Rio Olympics for Brazil. But her teammate Giovanna Pedroso and her placed last.

On the eve of their competition they allegedly got into a huge fight when Pedroso came back to their hotel room and found Oliveira there with canoeist Pedro Goncalves. The couple allegedly kicked Pedroso out of her own room on the eve of her Olympic event so that they could have some romantic fun all night long.

My Instagram Game featuring Ingrid Oliveira

After the Rio Olympics, Ingrid Oliveira became somewhat of a super star. She made tabloids around the world and was hated by most.

But she has since turned it around by making the most of her rise to fame, using Instagram to build herself a brand.

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