My Instagram Game featuring Ellie-Jean Coffey

Instagram Game featuring Ellie-Jean Coffey
10 Jan, 2018 by Ed Toussaint

In this edition of My Instagram Game featuring Ellie-Jean Coffey, we profile the other sister leading the Coffey clan.

As you may recall, about a month ago we featured Holly-Daze Coffey in our My Instagram Game series. 

Ellie-Jean Coffey

Ellie-Jean is an Australian professional surfer who was born in Queensland, Australia. She is the eldest in her family of 7 and spent her childhood travelling with her parents around Australia’s coastlines after they decided to pack up their lives in Sydney and live on the open road. During this time she learnt to surf and formed her dream of becoming a professional surfer.

My Instagram Game featuring Ellie-Jean Coffey

Currently at 869k followers, Ellie-Jean has 214k followers more than her sister Holly-Daze. Which in my opinion makes her the queen of the Coffey clan or the Kim of the Kardashian clan if you will.

Ellie-Jean definitely understands what makes a good popular Instagram post, and the sponsors love her for it. She handles her Insta-modeling career so well that it is actually very difficult to see the difference between a sponsored post and a post that she made just for fun.

See for yourselves and let me know in the comments if you spot the difference.

by Ed Toussaint – contributor

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