Horse punch jockey reportedly received death threats

Horse punch
10 Nov, 2017 by Mike Lynch

The jockey at the centre of the horse punch storm reportedly received death threats following the televising of his actions.

Footage showed 22 year old apprentice jockey Dylan Caboche appearing to give his horse She’s Reneldasgirl a punch to the rib cage prior to a race at Port Lincoln.

Horse punch uproar

The horse punch footage was fairly disturbing viewing and resulted in significant public backlash.

Caboche said his actions came down to a “brain fade”.

Yesterday, my actions probably weren’t the greatest,” the jockey told the Seven Network.

Striking a horse is obviously not the right way to go about things and it was a brain fade and it shouldn’t have happened.

He later issued a full apology on

I understand what I did was completely unacceptable. My apology goes to the horse’s connections, my fellow jockeys here in South Australia and jockeys national-wide [sic],” Caboche said.

Horse punch jockey reportedly received death threats

I cannot possibly condone what I did. I’m disappointed in myself. I obviously understand and accept that no matter how difficult my mount was, it just can’t justify what I did.”

I’m pretty gutted with myself and pretty disappointed at the same time.”

Thoroughbred Racing South Australia has since banned the young jockey from riding for two weeks. A decision that has raised plenty of eyebrows. The ban will come into effect later next week.

Death threats

Channel 7 reporter Elspeth Hussey has also reported that Dylan Caboche received death threats in the social media storm that followed the emergence of the Port Lincoln vision.

It’s prompted him to step away from the saddle temporarily, even though his ban doesn’t start until next Thursday,” Elspeth told Seven Media.

Just looking at some of the comments beneath the Youtube video of the incident you can imagine some of the hate-mail Caboche has received. Whilst his actions were horrendous I certainly don’t think they justify sending the bloke death threats.

Same punch different day

This is hardly an isolated case either. We reported a similar incident taking place in Ireland this year when jockey Davy Russell punched his horse in the head during the race. Russell was given an extremely lenient four day ban.

by Mike Lynch – contributor

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