Gruelling Melbourne Demons training camp cancelled

Melbourne Demons training camp
15 Dec, 2017 by Mike Lynch

A brutal pre-Christmas Melbourne Demons training camp has been dumped after some players reportedly consulted the AFLPA with concerns about the camp.

Melbourne Demons training camp dumped

The Demons players participated in a gruelling boot-camp style pre-season camp last year.

Skipper Nathan Jones said at the time that, whilst the camp was challenging, it was one of the best experiences he’d had since he started playing in the AFL.

It didn’t work out so well for key players Christian Salem and Dom Tyson who both suffered injuries.

Melbourne Demons training camp

Players reportedly had to endure gruelling beach runs, strength tests and sleep deprivation. That included being woken up in the middle of the night and given tasks. It almost sounded like Full Metal Jacket kind of stuff.

It is understood Salem was concussed by a brick whilst Dyson sustained a knee injury.

Melbourne Demons training camp

Approach to AFLPA

A similar camp was in the works for this pre-season. But according to Fairfax Media, some concerned Melbourne players met with the AFLPA to seek guidance on how to approach the situation with the club.

The gruelling pre-Christmas Melbourne Demons training camp has since been called off.

According to, Coach Simon Goodwin said at Thursday night’s Annual General Meeting it was important for the club to listen to its players.

It’s (the camp) had its challenges but we listen to our players. We listen to their feedback and we feel, when something’s not right, we don’t go ahead and we look for other avenues,” said Goodwin.

We will work to building hard working, competitive, resilient and humble individuals and that’s our mission moving forward.”

by Mike Lynch – contributor

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