Game of Thrones golf clubs actually exist

Game of Thrones golf clubs
27 Aug, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Game of Thrones and golf are not the sort of things you’d expect to see mentioned in the same sentence. But one clever bloke has actually made it happen with some custom made Game of Thrones golf clubs.

Game of Thrones golf clubs

Michelle Wie certainly got plenty of fellow golfers envious when she unleashed an Instagram photo of Game of Thrones inspired golf clubs.

Khal Drogo, you will never be forgotten cuz. 

The Game of Thrones golf clubs are a far cry from my first ‘op-shop’ set.

It turns out the clubs are actually designed by Anthony Taranto. And his official job title is, wait for it, ‘Wedge art specialist.’

What I do all day everyday ? #lovemyjob #hammer #stamp #moviequotes

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Taranto has a very cool gig indeed coming up with custom golf wedge designs for mega brand Callaway.

As you can see this is my GOLF shirt.? #loveit #lovemyjob #golf #art #newstyle #work #monday #golfshirt

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Other designs

Taranto’s latest designs pay tribute to the mega successful HBO series but he has created a host of different pieces of golf club art.

My personal favourite is this little Chubbs Peterson inspired gem.

Head over to @golfdigest for your chance to win these sexy beast… #giveaway #golfdigest #caddyshack #happygilmore

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Others are opting for a different choice. Many golfers are having their dog’s face engraved onto their golf club.

Anthony’s work is getting plenty of attention with scores of golfers keen to snap up his art.

My question is, do they help you play better? I wonder if the art could be a bit of a distraction when you’re out there trying to get better than a triple bogey.

I want my own!!

There’s no doubt they look sensational though. Unfortunately there’s not that many Game of Thrones golf clubs available, so they aren’t going to pop up at the local Pro Shop just yet.

The custom clubs are being auctioned off for some great causes so if you’d like to get your hands on some check out the Callaway Customs website.

by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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