Is it time we let the Essendon supplements story go?

Essendon Supplements Story
24 Feb, 2017 by Mike Lynch

If there’s one thing that’s kept newspapers in business over the last few years, it’s the Essendon supplements story.

The story as a whole is not to be taken lightly and we still do not know the full effect the supplements regime had on the Essendon players. But in terms of punishment, the Essendon Football Club has been smashed from pillar to post.

The Punishment

The Bombers have been fined millions of dollars, booted out of the finals, lost staff, players, draft picks, careers and lives have been ruined. Last year they had to front up week after week armed with a VFL team. Their former skipper has been stripped of his Brownlow.

If there were any doubts over the effects these last few years have had on those involved, one needs only to look at the health crisis of former coach James Hird.


Fresh Start…..Finally

The Bombers are finally ready to launch in 2017. They have a new captain in Dyson Heppell and Woosha Worsfold finally has a full list at his disposal. For fans of the red and black, there are finally exciting times ahead.


Here We Go Again…

Yet instead of focusing on the new season the Herald Sun has decided to drag out this chestnut.

The “secret tape” really doesn’t add anything new to the story at all. It is simply rehashing old conversations that, as Tim Watson has said, are of no surprise at all.

The tape really only tells us that the Bombers key figures were worried and that Paul Little was furious at Gil Mclachlan. We can also hear Bomber Thompson munching on his feta and cashew salad. Not exactly Walkley award winning stuff.

To put it mildly, the ‘Bombers secret tape’ story is a case of gutter journalism scraping the very bottom of the barrel.

The Essendon supplements story is like a John Farnham farewell tour, it keeps coming back again and again. Most footy fans including the most staunch of Essendon haters have had enough.

Let’s hope that once Round 1 arrives, the major media outlets will actually let this go and start talking about some real footy. We won’t hold our breath.

by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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