Erin Molan responds to Fatty and Big Marn dumping

Erin Molan
18 Oct, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Erin Molan has broken her silence after the controversial dumping of Footy Show colleagues Paul Vautin and Darryl Brohman.

Erin Molan reacts on Twitter

The one host who is still standing is Erin Molan, who has reportedly been promoted as a result of the shakeup.

Erin Molan

Molan took to Twitter yesterday to react to the dumping of her co-hosts saying they are “real people”.

As someone that was a big NRL Footy Show fan, I was personally gutted by the news of the Big Marn’s departure.

Big Marn also departs

Darryl Brohman told 2GB radio that he knew the day would one day come when he would no longer be part of the Footy Show.

”The show will be different, they say they are going to revamp it, but Fatty won’t be there, I won’t be there, I think Erin will probably host it, she’s very good at what she does,” Brohman told 2GB.

”I’m not sure what Beau’s (Ryan) role will be. The situation is this – Fatty has a year to go on his contract with Channel Nine, I think Erin’s got a contract and Beau’s got two years to go and I’m off contract.”

Erin Molan responds to Fatty and Big Marn dumping

”What will happen is I think the show is gone, with Fatty gone I don’t think they can call it The Footy Show. I think he had been The Footy Show, it’s been 24 years that he’s hosted.”

”I think we were all realistic enough to realise there was always a used-by date for everyone in television. And I’m realistic enough to understand I’ve had a pretty good run and I’m not bitter at all about it,” he said.

‘I understand that these things happen, but it would have been nice to see him clock up 25 years. I would’ve thought it was a bit of a milestone.”

Fatty’s message

Paul Vautin has reportedly broken his silence since news broke of his dumping in a message to WSFM’s Brendan Jones.

Vautin was remaining upbeat in his message, thankful for the opportunities he had been given on the show.

Erin Molan responds to Fatty and Big Marn dumping

“In the end nothing lasts forever,” Vautin wrote to Jones.

“I had a great run, especially for a short, chubby, red-head who played for both Manly and Queensland.”

“That’s not a career, that’s a miracle.”

by Mike Lynch – contributor

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