Dustin Martin’s Dad back in Australia for Christmas

Dustin Martin's Dad
05 Dec, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Richmond Premiership star Dustin Martin could be reunited with his father in Australia for Christmas.

Dustin Martin’s Dad Shane Martin was forced out of Australia over alleged links to the Rebels Motorcycle gang almost two years ago.

Dustin Martin's Dad

But according to reports, Dustin Martin’s father may be finally allowed back to Australia to see his son.

Dustin Martin’s Dad back for Christmas

AAP has reported that Justice John Griffiths was told the minister had agreed the decision should be quashed. With Dutton conceding a legal error was made in the decision to deport Shane Martin.

The Herald Sun had reported that the government’s lawyers could abandon the case.

Dustin Martin's Dad

This would essentially help pave the way for Shane to return to Australia.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told 3AW in September Mr Martin was a “threat to Australia.”

Dustin Martin's Dad

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton repeated those views on 60 Minutes two months ago.

Shane Martin was unable to be at the MCG to watch his son’s Norm Smith Premiership winning performance against the Crows. Instead he had to make do with watching the match on TV from afar.

by Mike Lynch – contributor

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