24h Deadline For Star Tigers

20 Apr, 2017 by Mike Lynch

It’s officially D-Day for two of the Wests Tigers biggest stars. The NRL club has thrown down the gauntlet – setting a 24 hour deadline for star Tigers James Tedesco and Aaron Woods to accept contract offers.

New Coach, New Attitude

New coach Ivan Clearly hasn’t taken long to crack the whip, showing some much needed bollocks (as Gordon Ramsay would say) over the last week.

Deadline For Star Tigers

“It’s in the interests of both certainly the players and all the stakeholders,” Cleary told reporters of the deadline decision.

“Constant speculation is actually becoming a hindrance to performance. We don’t want to go another game with that. I think it’s really good for the guys and they understand that.”

“We’d love them to stay. At this stage we’ve had no decision (or) information regarding decisions but that’ll obviously come. Whatever happens we will respect those decisions of course. We’re really hopeful of both guys staying with us and working towards building a future here.”

Coffee with the Enemy

Captain Woods has been rumoured to be joining the Bulldogs as of next season with some reports suggesting a deal has already been done.

For a club’s skipper to be busted having a flat white with opposition players is just ridiculous.

Deadline For Star Tigers

As for Tedesco things are still very much up in the air. But the lifelong Tiger has been strongly linked to the Roosters.

Season Not Over

Cleary has been a breath of fresh air in his short time at the Tigers. Bringing some much needed professionalism to a club that has at times been a complete basket-case over the last eighteen months.

The handling of the Taylor and Farah situation was embarrassing to say the least. Revelations last week that Taylor found out about his sacking via the media further suggests that the club has no idea of what it is doing.

Cleary’s rejection of Mitch Moses’ immediate trade release request was 100% spot on.


Deadline for Star Tigers

It’s too early in the season for the Tigers to give up. There is still plenty of footy to be played and whilst the club have struggled, the competition is still wide open.

Instead of trying to take the easy way out, Moses has to pull his finger out and give long suffering Wests fans something to cheer about in 2017.

by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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