Crows CEO Not Happy With Vocal Demons Fans

Crows CEO
18 May, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Adelaide Crows CEO Andrew Fagan wants opposition fans to tone it down when watching the game in Adelaide Oval’s ritzy Premiership Club.

Vocal Opposition Supporters

Fagan has penned a note to members of the club in which he discusses “vocal supporters of the opposition team”.


Of course it was a dirty night for the Crows. They were red hot favourites to win. Leading by five goals they ended up being blown out of the water by the underdog Demons. As it turns out, the handful of Demons fans who were in the Premiership Room were making a little too much noise for some people’s liking. It appears some Crow feathers have been ruffled if Fagan’s letter is anything to go by.

Crows CEO Letter

In the note to Premiership Club members Fagan wrote:

“It is important, however, that each of our Premiership Club members ensure that when inviting guests that you clearly articulate to them that the room contains a loyal and passionate AFC supporter base.” 

“Whilst supporting other teams is expected, the manner in which this occurs should be respectful of the unique nature of this facility, its premium offering and its core membership.

“If members can address this with your invited guests prior to the match day, then it alleviates anyone feeling uncomfortable on the day of the game.”

Long story short, Fagan doesn’t want any of the silvertail Crows sponsors or stakeholders to get their feelings hurt by opposition supporters. It really is a bizarre note from Fagan.

Long-suffering Dees with Reason to Celebrate

Melbourne’s win on Saturday night was one of their biggest in a decade. They had been copping it from all ends of the media throughout the week about being soft. Their season was on the line and they delivered. Their fans bloody well should be making some noise.


The only people the Crows CEO should be writing a letter to are the Adelaide players who didn’t give a yelp after half time. Or maybe even coach Don Pyke who has been comprehensively out-coached two weeks on the trot.

It’s understood Kleenex tissues have been in touch with Fagan about being a sponsor of the Adelaide Football Club.

by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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