Crossbow bolt fired onto cricket field

Crossbow bolt
01 Sep, 2017 by Mike Lynch

There were frightening scenes at The Oval after a potentially lethal crossbow bolt was discovered on the field of play during a cricket match.

Crossbow bolt narrowly misses cricketers

The bolt is believed to have been fired from outside the iconic cricket stadium.

The flying projectile landed only ten metres from the pitch during the County Cricket clash between Surrey and Middlesex.

A pretty nasty arrow

“It was a pretty nasty arrow with a proper metal end,” Surrey captain, Gareth Batty told The Guardian.

“I did archery as a kid and that was not a normal archery arrow. The umpires dealt with it very well. There were no questions asked – we went off very quickly. Someone saw it in flight, there was a noise when it landed but it happened so quick.”

“It is a deadly weapon for sure, if it had hit someone it would have caused some serious damage. It just shows the world we live in.”

Police enquiries are continuing into the incident.

by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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