Cooper Cronk & Tara Rushton buy new house

Cooper Cronk and Tara Rushton
09 Oct, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Melbourne Storm premiership star Cooper Cronk and his fiancee Fox Sports presenter Tara Rushton have splashed out on a new home in Sydney.

The couple have reportedly purchased a 3.5 million dollar home in the fancy harbourside suburb of Mosman.

Cooper Cronk and Tara Rushton

According to the house was built in 1915. How’s the serenity?

Cooper Cronk and Tara Rushton

Where will Cooper Cronk be in 2018?

Cronk’s future still remains very much up in the air.

His Premiership win seemed like the perfect way to bow out of the game with fiancee Tara Rushton understandably chuffed with the result.

Rushton paid tribute to the hard work that Cronk had put into achieving the win.

Cronk has been linked to the Sydney Roosters but is yet to make any statement regarding his plans for 2018.

Obviously there are plenty of Sydney-based clubs keen to sign the superstar.

A night we will never forget… ?? #superhero

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Cooper Cronk to coach in 2018?

The most likely scenario at this stage is that Cronk will coach in 2018. It is understood that the Storm have put an offer on the table for Cronk to coach the halves in 2018.

Club football manager Frank Ponissi told the Daily Telegraph Cronk will remain involved with the Storm.

So we have a preference that he doesn’t play for two reasons — one we don’t want to be playing against Cooper because he is such a quality player,’’ Ponissi told the Daily Telegraph.

And two, it just means we can start using him straightaway in a coaching capacity which we wouldn’t be able to do if he went to another club.”

When there are no words… ??✌??????? #inmimewetrust #gamethreegiddyup

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Mosman to Melbourne is a fair commute. Imagine the Opal and Myki fees he would rack up. So obviously the role would only be one or two days a week.

Whatever decision Cronk makes, we wish him all the best. What a champion he has been for Rugby League.

by Mike Lynch – contributor

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