Brian Taylor Questions Luke Hodge on 300th

Brian Taylor Questions Luke Hodge
17 Jul, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Hawthorn went agonisingly close to giving their hero Luke Hodge the perfect end to his 300th AFL game as they went down to Geelong by less than a kick. But it’s over the beginning of the match that Triple M’s Brian Taylor questions Luke Hodge about the way he conducted himself.


Brian Taylor Questions Luke Hodge

As Luke Hodge walked out onto the field with his three children Leo, Chase and Cooper, Brian Taylor couldn’t help but have a cheeky dig.

“I’ve never been much of a fan of this.”

“They (Luke Hodge’s children) won’t even remember this.”

Players running out onto the field with their children for milestone games has been a long time bugbear for Taylor.

Taylor made essentially the exact same remarks when Steve Johnson ran out for his 200th match back in 2013.

He was calling for Channel 7 at the time.

“They take the little kids out, I’m not sure why, they won’t remember it but nevertheless they take them out on the ground,” Taylor said during the live broadcast.

The Gary Lion precedent

Garry Lyon came under fire for making similar remarks regarding Erin Phillips taking her twins out onto the ground after the Crows AFLW Premiership victory.

Brian Taylor Questions Luke Hodge

“I was worried and concerned with Erin Phillips taking out her two young babies, one in either arm,” Lyon said on SEN back in March.

Interestingly though, Lyon did the exact same thing opting to take his kids around with him for his lap of honour back in 1999.

Brian Taylor Questions Luke Hodge

AFL is a family friendly brand

Over the last few weeks the AFL’s ‘family’ image has taken a fair battering. We’ve seen players rubbed out for on-field punches, a diversity manager resign over a king hit, and two senior directors fall on their swords over inappropriate office relationships.

Hardly great stuff for the game’s image. It’s little wonder that Gil Mclaughlin has escaped the country to watch the Tour de France.


Luke Hodge one of the greats

The image of Luke Hodge heading out onto the ‘G with his three sons was great to see. They may not remember the moment as Brian Taylor said, but they will have plenty of great photos of the day they can look at for years to come.

As far as I am concerned Luke Hodge will go down in history as one of the greats of the game. He has contributed so much to football. Half of Colac should have been allowed run out onto the ground with him as far as I’m concerned.

Whilst the Hawks didn’t get the four points, they could have some big father-son prospects down the track.

by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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