Bernard Tomic: The Road to Redemption

Bernard Tomic
23 Feb, 2018 by Liam Sheedy

After admitting 2017 was a wasted year, the controversial Bernard Tomic is ready to reignite his stuttering tennis career as he prepares to travel to Europe after a stint of training on the Gold Coast.

Tomic will compete on the ATP Challenger circuit and is hopeful of getting his career back on track. Which will ideally include qualification for the French Open which begins May 27th.

Ranking heads south

The Australian currently has a world ranking of 168 but has declared he is ready to reignite his tennis career and fulfil his undoubted potential. The 25 year-old finished the 2016 season ranked at 26 in the world before a year to forget.

The 2017 campaign included three consecutive first-round exits at the majors and a host of poor performances.

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The right-hander also battled injury issues which contributed to his ranking plummeting well outside the top 100.

Winning over the public

Bernard Tomic has certainly not done himself any favours in endearing himself to the general public during his career.

Is some of it tall poppy syndrome? Maybe, but Tomic has not been afraid to flaunt his wealth with fancy cars and a perceived party lifestyle.

There has been question marks on the tennis star and his work ethic. This was in the spotlight last year again when Tomic was fined $15,000 at Wimbledon for faking an injury in which he declared “ I was bored.”

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After failing to qualify for the Australian Open in January, the comments afterwards from the controversial figure did not help his image.

I just count money, that’s all I do. I count my millions.

Bernard Tomic reality star

The short reality tv stint for the sportsman on I’m A Celebrity earlier this year not surprisingly raised more questions than provided answers.

Some pundits viewed the tennis star’s quick exit from the jungle as a prime example of not being able to deal with adversity and being a quitter when things get tough.

Plenty of others were much more sympathetic. The vision of Tomic was of someone who was struggling. Someone who has personal issues, is mentally struggling and someone who needs help and not ridicule.

Strap in for the 2018 adventure

Bernard Tomic is obviously well aware of the long road ahead if he is to compete at the top level. His comments this week certainly strike the right chord with an admission of the hard work required.

I feel like having wasted that last year made me wake up that I need to get back where I belong and maybe push to become a top-five, top-eight player.”

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Has the penny finally dropped? Time will tell and the many sceptics will say we have heard this before from Bernie. Just maybe he has realised it is now or never.

by Liam Sheedy – contributor
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