Beginner’s Guide: Tips On Playing With Fairway Woods and Hybrid Clubs

Tips On Playing With Fairway Woods and Hybrid Clubs
29 Jun, 2019 by Beyond The Game TV

The modern market offers plenty of options for golfers in terms of various clubs. There are many clubs to match the needs of all players – some are designed for professionals, and others are for beginners. Also, some models increase distance or accuracy and reduce spin. Finally, among all these options, there are fairway woods and hybrid clubs that are must-have for every novice or average player.

Main Features Of Hybrids

Many players prefer to stick to more classic clubs, and they are making a big mistake there! Hybrid clubs are often referred to as rescue clubs, which is why they have to be in a bag of every low or average-level player.

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What makes these clubs perfect for beginners? They combine the best features of irons and woods. At the same time, they have a wider sole and lower center of gravity, which makes playing successfully them extremely easy. In addition, thanks to a shorter shaft, they offer simpler control.

Here are some of the other features of hybrid clubs:

  • Versatility
  • Better sweet spot
  • Ability to cope with a multitude of lies
  • Ability to generate a lot of roll
  • Some models also offer decent distance

Together, all these benefits make hybrid clubs perfect for high handicap players. However, even professionals tend to have at least one of such clubs in a bag!

Main Features Of Fairway Woods

Fairway woods have been around for quite a while, and before the hybrid models started gaining momentum, these clubs were extremely popular. However, even now they are must-have for every player!

What makes them good? Fairway woods are known for delivering excellent accuracy off the tee and a few other great benefits:

  • High-quality material
  • Lightweight
  • Increased club speed
  • Weight-balancing designs
  • Larger distance
  • More arc
  • More control

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Useful Tips For Better Hybrid And Fairway Wood Play

Getting yourself even the most forgiving fairway wood or hybrid won’t make much difference if you have no idea when and how to use them for the most benefit. To help you figure it out, we have collected the best tips on using these clubs:

Ball Position

Every golfer knows how much impact the position of a ball can have on the quality of the hit. However, each of these clubs requires a different position for a good result.

Fairway woods – experts recommend placing a ball inside your left heel if the right hand is dominant or another way around if you are left-handed. It is also recommended to sweep the ball off the tee rather than hitting it.

Hybrids – if you are playing with this club, move the ball back as you would do when hitting it with a long iron. As for the type of hit, experts recommend hitting down on the ball.

Find the right extension

In order to drive enough consistency and power to your hits, it is essential to have your arm fully extended. Make sure that you don’t let your elbows bow or collapse during the hit.

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Develop the right strategy

In order to play well, you need to know exactly how your fairway wood and hybrid performs. Probably the most important factor to bear in mind is the distance of each. This will help you develop the right strategy and make the most of playing both clubs.

Ensure lower body stability

Excellent performance on the golf course depends a lot on the way you make your swing. While your upper body should be a bit loose and flexible, it is important to ensure the stability of your lower body and decent knee flexibility. This will add more power to your hits. A good way to do this is to hold a club horizontally in front of you.

Increase speed

Hybrids and fairway woods can help you cover large distances if you adjust the swing speed. Thus, experts recommend practicing your swing and speed to play well!


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