Australian Greyhound named after Donald Trump

03 Feb, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Well it’s been an interesting day in the relationship between Australia and its old mate the US of A.

Mr Trump doesn’t seem all that impressed with Mr Turnbull. But the good news is the racing greyhound named in the president’s honour is kicking ass.

Tronald Trump the brilliantly named greyhound continues to impress.

Make no mistake, the greyhound version of Trump is taking the world by storm.

Tronald is on fire and has already won two races this season. Like the president he has amassed quite a fortune too with career prize money of $11,475.

And unlike the US commander in cheif, he has not gone bankrupt once- solid!

We’ve approached the new leader of the free world to see if he’d be interested in a real ‘Presidential Race’ with his four-legged Aussie namesake but he wasn’t all that impressed…

by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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