ANZAC Day Ticket Price Rise

ANZAC Day Ticket Price
20 Apr, 2017 by Mike Lynch

ANZAC Day Ticket Price Rise – Angry footy fans have slammed the Bombers who have jacked up the price of reserved seats for Tuesday’s ANZAC day blockbuster.

Some reserved seat prices have risen by as much as 80% for this year’s clash.

Bombers Cash Grab

The AFL first introduced the dynamic pricing ticketing system last year which gives the home club the power to increase ticket prices.

It is clever because it means the AFL can wash its hands of any criticism and essentially say it’s all the club’s fault. Sounds a little bit like our esteemed politicians who are always trying to handball responsibility and blame.


Under the controversial new ticket pricing system, Essendon is listing some level 4 MCG reserved seats at $72 on ANZAC Day. Up from $40 in 2016, when Collingwood was the home club and set the prices.


While the AFL has frozen general admission tickets at $25, it means little for blockbuster games like ANZAC Day where essentially no general admin tickets are available. Unless you want to sit on top of the roof or one of the light towers.

Seats on Level 4 for the Round 5 Anzac Day blockbuster that were priced at $40 last year now cost $60.

A prime ticket on the wing on Level 2 will cost $75, up from $70.

Essendon’s Response – Buy a Membership

The Essendon Football Club have responded to the criticism of the ANZAC Day ticket price by encouraging fans to become members.


“We would like to remind members attending Anzac Day that you must have a reserved seat ticket as there will be no general admission available,” Essendon’s chief marketing officer Justin Rodski told The Age.

“The cheapest option to upgrade on Anzac Day for Essendon members is a $7 seat on Level 4 (Q deck) of the Southern Stand. But these are subject to availability with approximately 2500 seats available.”

AFL Fans Association Not Impressed

AFL Fans Association president Gerry Eeman is disappointed with the prise rise.

“In terms of Anzac Day that is a really steep hike so that is disappointing. That is a substantial hike.”

The price rise does seem like a bit of a slap in the face to Bombers fans who had to sit through some rubbish performances last year.


ANZAC Day Ticket Price

It should also be noted that in 2016 Collingwood (the home club) also had the chance to increase ticket prices however they chose not to.

But Essendon’s well publicised financial issues of late mean that they have to get their hands on some extra dollars somewhere. Clearly the ANZAC Day match presents a great opportunity.


Lest We Forget… much money we can make.

by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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