Andy Maher criticises Clayton Oliver

Andy Maher and Clayton Oliver
11 Jul, 2017 by Mike Lynch

The Front Bar host Andy Maher has taken aim at Demon Clayton Oliver on SEN radio this morning.

Andy Maher’s advice for Clayton Oliver

Maher who just so happens to be a Carlton fan has suggested the young Demon “straighten himself out.”

Oliver was amongst Melbourne’s best on ground in their narrow win over Carlton on the weekend.


But it was his exploits off the ball that made the headlines.

Clayton Oliver bites back at lippy fan

Oliver ripped into a Carlton fan who verbally abused him on the boundary line. Not only did the fan make comments but he also made physical contact with Oliver. Which has been described as incidental.

The physical contact led to Oliver reportedly telling the fan:

“If you f—— touch me again I’ll kill you.”

Melbourne’s apology

Melbourne have come out and apologised to the fan after he demanded one from the club. Why? It is a bit of a mystery to me.

If you lean over the fence and spit out abuse at players you shouldn’t be surprised when they bite back. But the Demons have decided to be extremely politically correct on this occasion, offering the following apology on behalf of Oliver.

Andy Maher criticises Clayton Oliver

“Clayton has let his emotions get the better of him and should not have reacted in the manner that he did,” football operations general manager Josh Mahoney said in a statement.

“As a club, we apologise for the offence caused and Clayton understands this should not occur again.

“We have spoken to Clayton and the entire playing group regarding their interaction with the crowd. And that no positives come out of any immediate response.

“If the player feels that he was vilified in any way, there is a process to report that to the AFL and have it investigated.”

Support for Oliver

Oliver who has been widely ridiculed in recent weeks after his “dive” against West Coast, received plenty of public support on this occasion.

Andy Maher who is probably still a little bit upset that Carlton didn’t get the win though didn’t see it that way. He suggested Oliver “straighten himself out” on SEN radio.

Andy Maher criticises Clayton Oliver

“He’s allowed people, whether it be right or wrong, in the last couple of weeks to question his character,” he said.

“If you get hit hard, go to ground by all means, but if you don’t, stay on your feet. Don’t bite back at a fan in the crowd because now they’re all going to do it.”

I think Andy Maher is a long way off the mark on this occasion. Oliver did push it when he took a dive against the Eagles but he was bang on the money this time. If you are a fan who likes to talk the talk but can’t handle the return fire, you are better off watching from the comfort of your La-Z-Boy.

by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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