AFL already working on Grand Final entertainment

The AFL begin preparations for the Grand Final entertainment
25 May, 2017 by Liam Sheedy

On 3AW radio this week reporter Mitch Cleary declared that the AFL has started negotiations with American band The Killers to perform the AFL Grand Final entertainment. The band currently does not have any tour dates booked beyond August this year.

As is always the case with musical acts at sporting events, people will have different musical tastes. So appealing to everyone is simply an impossible task. While some may prefer Mike Brady with an acoustic guitar as they sing along to up there Cazaly, others would prefer to see Metallica or ACDC rocking the foundations of the MCG.


Some will also debate how important the entertainment is in the overall scheme of things at the Grand Final. After all, isn’t the game the entertainment?

Earlier this year, I discussed the AFL wanting to move to a twilight grand final with the ability to enhance both the game and the entertainment listed as major factors. For now the 2017 Grand Final will remain in its traditional time slot.

Will The Killers appeal to the fans?

The Killers are certainly a popular band since they formed in 2001. They have sold over 20 million albums worldwide, picked up a host of international awards and been nominated for seven Grammys. In Australia the band was nominated for album of the year for Sam’s town at the MTV music awards in 2007 and best rock video for Human in 2009.


The band has plenty of songs with commercial success that have charted all over the world (Somebody Told Me, When You Were Young, All These Things That I’ve Done). You would expect a good portion of the crowd at the MCG to at least know who the band is which is a good start.

Of course The Killers would most certainly perform their biggest hit Mr Brightside. It is not expected that Footy Show host Craig Hutchison will repeat his karaoke exploits and join the band during the performance.

You know it makes sense

Maybe the lesson in all of this is to simply stick with what we know works. Lets not worry about spending millions of dollars. The AFL can provide Grand Final entertainment that is done in a classy way, a powerful way and in a manner that unites people together on the most important day on the football calendar.

With that in mind I believe there is only one conclusion. We need a song with significant meaning to the teams competing. A song that is uplifting and inspiring for all.

There is only one artist and one song that can do that. Angry Anderson – Bound for glory.

Grand Final entertainment at its best

The time has come to reunite Angry and the Batmobile on Grand Final day. The major cost for the AFL may be simply providing the Batmobile a car service. If you want entertainment, then look no further than what we saw Grand Final Day 1991 at Waverley. *Author may or may not be joking*

by Liam Sheedy – contributor
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