About Us


BeyondTheGame.TV is home to the best sport focused web series available online. It is also the web entertainment arm of More Than A Game Productions. Our goal is to enhance the online sport experience of all Australians around the country and abroad.

At BeyondTheGame.TV we develop, produce and distribute original sports web series. We have a deep content library of the most popular Australian sports. We use that content as backdrop for our unique storytelling. Through a wide variety of genres, we are a trendsetter for the sport and online video industries.

Before everything else we are sport fanatics. Our main focus is to give other fans like us a product that is deserving of the passion Aussie supporters are known for.

Sports Web Series

A sports web series takes the traditional television show format and breaks it down into consumable online bites consisting of 3-6 minutes of pure entertainment. This creativity and short format leads to some fantastic content and, with mobile added to the mix, an instantly accessible, user-friendly medium that is primed for social sharing.