All Aboard: The Hayne Plane Takes Flight Again

Hayne Plane
02 Dec, 2017 by Darrin Seath

Jarryd Hayne aka the Hayne Plane. The most talked about man in Rugby League has again got the media shuffling and the heads shaking.

The story that was leaked a couple of weeks ago while Fiji were making a surge in the world cup has now been confirmed. Hayne has been granted a release from the Titans for his final year.

Costly Error for the Titans

The Titans signed Hayne on a 1-year deal with a 1-year option that Hayne agreed to take into 2018.

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This means that the Titans have been haying Hayne’s wage over the off season.

How Does Henry Feel

Hayne’s main reason for wanting to move back to Sydney is to be closer to family. All that aside though it’s still pretty poor form.

Considering that when Hayne and Neil Henry were butting heads last year, Hayne gave the club an ultimatum and held them to ransom. The Titans chose him over the coach. And now he ups and leaves.

Always on the Cards

Even when you go back as far as Hayne joining the Titans 16 months ago, there were early signs then that he didn’t want to be at the club.

In his very first press conference, Hayne moped the whole time. All he could talk about was how he wanted to be at the Eels.

It’s Time for the Hayne Plane to Deliver

Jarryd Hayne is a marquee player, one of the highest paid in the game. So when does he repay the game? His last good season was 2014, then the Hayne Plane upped and flew all the way to the NFL.

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That didn’t pan out so he upped and left to the Fiji 7s. That didn’t pan out so he came back to the NRL. And at the Gold Coast Titans he has been getting paid a marquee player’s salary to deliver nothing because he wants to be somewhere else.

Will Hayne find what he’s looking for in Parramatta? I suspect not. First of all the club has changed since he played there. With Norman, Gutherson and Bevan French in key positions, it’s hard to see where he will fit in.

The Cold Hard Truth

It’s time to realise a few home truths about the Hayne Plane. He will never be the player he once was. He is a hard player to motivate and a hard player to get the best out of. Whenever the going gets tough, the Hayne Plane gets going.

It’s about time clubs stop paying players on potential and start paying them on output. Perhaps clubs should move towards more merit based contracts, where payments are made based on metres, wins and KPIs. Just like in the NFL.

by Darrin Seathcontributor

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