Abandoned Olympic Venues

11 Aug, 2016 by Mike Lynch

Things can look very, very different when the Olympic circus leaves town. The majestic stadiums start losing their little ‘je ne sais quoi’ once people leave and rats enter. So in pure reality TV series style, let’s do a reunion show and ask: Olympic stadiums of the past, where are they now?

Sarajevo 1984 Winter Olympics

The 1984 Winter Olympics bob-sled venue is totally unrecognisable, lying abandoned in a mined area after the war.

And behold the ski jump.


Athens 2004 Summer Olympics

These next photographs are from the Athens 2004 games, although you could be forgiven for thinking they are the venues for the 1896 Games.

The old beach volleyball stadium needs some Jim’s Mowing…

The softball stadium isn’t much better.

Who’s up for some swimming?

And the Olympic village, 9 billion Euros were spent hosting the 2004 games.


Berlin 1936 Olympics

The Berlin 1936 Olympics, held under Nazi rule, were regarded as the most visually spectacular Olympics ever held.

The swimming pool can still be seen at the site of the old athlete’s village.

The village itself looks like it could be used on the new series of The Block. Get off your ass and fix this Scotty Cam!!


Beijin 2008 Summer Olympics

And last but not least……Beijing’s Olympic beach volleyball stadium.





by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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